Why I Count My Steps and You Should Too

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I remember when Fitbits started becoming all the rage. I started hearing people talk about "getting their steps in" or "meeting their goal for the day". To be honest, I rolled my eyes. Why are you congratulating yourself for doing something you would be doing anyway? You walked today? Okay, but are you using that as a reason to eat an extra cookie? What good is that doing you? I don't need no stinking Fitbit! But then someone told me I could see my steps without investing in yet ANOTHER gadget. Anyone with an iPhone has an app called "Health" which [...]

A New Workout – The Decision to Try is Half the Battle

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How our brains think about trying a new workout If you want to do a triathlon, you should already be in great physical shape. You have to be able to swim, bike, and run for hours on end without any problems. To do yoga you have to be able to twist yourself into a pretzel. If you can't already do a headstand, don't even bother going to class. Zumba? You shouldn't show your face until you know all the choreography and have a professional grade dance outfit to wear while you merengue march circles around everyone else. What we should [...]

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