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Sportavida is on the leading edge of the scientific revolution taking place in sports. The key to improving performance is understanding how an athlete’s body and mind responds to the stress of playing the game. Through objective measurement of physiological processes, problems associated with overuse can be identified and prevented.

MONITORING THAT MATTERS means measuring relevant physiological processes.

MONITORING THAT MATTERS means taking measurements before and after competition (or training) to evaluate the impact that play really has on the body.

MONITORING THAT MATTERS means enabling athletes, executives, trainers, and coaches to find out what really works. One approach that works well for one athlete may not work as well for another. The scientific method at the heart of Sportavida is the key to unlocking full potential.

MONITORING THAT MATTERS means giving athletes, executives, trainers, and coaches real objective data to make informed decisions about when and how to play so that athletes can reach their full potential.

Results from monitoring can help guide an athlete’s rest, strength and conditioning program, diet, device usage, and recovery protocols and treatments. Saliva-based monitoring complements and helps validate other technology, including video and wearables, by showing what is actually taking place inside the body.


The Sportavida method is being used by a growing amount of North American professional sports teams. The reasons?

Testing teams are winning teams.

Testing builds positive engagement between players and management. The best organizations have a collaborative relationship with their players. Testing builds an important bridge that can bring organizations together.

The reputation of GM’s and coaches is defined by the quality of their decisions. With testing some of the guess work is eliminated leading to consistently better decisions.


Sportavida provides objective, actionable, information about fatigue and physiological stress associated with athletics. Evaluation is made by measurement of levels of molecules associated with changes in the physiological status of a player. Molecules are measured in saliva, which can be collected very quickly virtually anywhere and by anybody.

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Monitoring That Matters

Discover how Sportavida is on the leading edge of the scientific revolution taking place in sports.

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