Today’s post is to get you ready for beginner marathon training after age 40. Although you’re over 40, you can easily learn how to run with proper training.

Beginner Marathon Training

So, no matter what age you are, you can begin acclimating your body and mind. In the first place, it is important to start off slow.

As you begin training to run in your first marathon, make sure you already successfully trained for short races. In the same way, once you have started running regularly and have run in a lot of races, you think you would like to try to run in a marathon.

Beginner Marathon Training After Age 4o

Although you may have run in many short races, a marathon is 26.2 miles. Because a marathon is a long race, you want to make sure you focus on a plan to gear up for this long race.

When you’re first starting your training, you want to make sure you build enough stamina. Of course, when you first start out training, you may hit some bumps along the way. With this in mind, it is important to set realistic goals.

Let’s begin with some basics. In the same fashion, make sure you have good running sneakers. The goal when first starting out is to start slow and increase your miles each week. One of the biggest hurdles is many beginners don’t realize the time it takes to train for this long race.

Although you may want to take a day off, it is important to perform another type of workout if you skip a day of running.

Beginner Training

Are you ready to get started? At any rate, make sure you can run at least 30 minutes without stopping. As you increase your minutes, make sure you take time to recover so you don’t experience any injury.

As you continue running each week, it is important to increase your mileage. Speed isn’t important. It is best to start off with a slow speed. If you run too fast, you may tire easily and not be able to finish.

If you have never run in a half marathon, you may want to try that before trying a full marathon.


So, you may want to accomplish a goal. However, when running your first marathon, the best advice I have is to aim to finish the race. Also, on the day of the race it is important to have enough carbohydrates.

Although you may be looking to come out strong on the day of the race, remember the old adage, slow and steady wins the race. If you start off too fast, you may not be able to finish the race. To sum up, endurance will help you complete your first marathon.

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