Amateurs can also benefit from the cutting-edge technology offered by Sportavida.

Are you concerned that your young athlete is being worked too hard? Keeping your athlete at the top of his or her game is important, and training and playing hard is the key to becoming a true champion. However, young athletes are sometimes pushed too hard. Overtraining not only degrades performance during critical competitions but can also have dire long-term consequences.

Do you ever wish that you knew more about the stress and fatigue levels that your athlete is experiencing and how they compare to his/her peers?

Did you ever wonder if it was possible to objectively track your athletes’ performance capability during training and competition and over the course of a long and grueling season?

A new and revolutionary scientific method used by pro athletes can now help you understand these important questions in a
way that has never been possible.

The key to making your young athlete a champion is making sure they train hard. However, for the serious and committed athlete, overtraining can reduce performance capability and even lead to serious, career-ending problems. The key to success is making sure that fatigue and stress are monitored very closely.

How do you currently monitor your athletes’ fatigue and stress? Probably just like everybody else – you rely on coaches, trainers, and your athletes to tell you how they are “feeling” and if they are “ready to compete.” It is hardly surprising that many great athletes never reach their full potential.

Even the best professional coaches in the world are now coming to understand that experience and intuition are valuable but that useful data on fatigue and stress are needed to keep players at the top of their game consistently. The missing piece of the puzzle is hard, objective data that tells the full story.

If you represent an amateur organization or team that is committed to a scientific approach to training, Sportavida can help.

Monitoring That Matters

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