I remember when Fitbits started becoming all the rage. I started hearing people talk about “getting their steps in” or “meeting their goal for the day”. To be honest, I rolled my eyes. Why are you congratulating yourself for doing something you would be doing anyway? You walked today? Okay, but are you using that as a reason to eat an extra cookie? What good is that doing you?

I don’t need no stinking Fitbit!

But then someone told me I could see my steps without investing in yet ANOTHER gadget. Anyone with an iPhone has an app called “Health” which counts your steps every day (Here are some options for Android users) Obviously, your phone has to be on you for the steps to “count” but mine is usually in my pocket 24/7 anyway. The app also keeps track of how many flights of stairs you climb. I looked back through my Health history and was surprised to see I took WAY more steps on days I worked versus days I was off. This surprised me because I always thought I moved around more on my days off. I go to the gym, run errands, hit the dog park…but nope, it wasn’t adding up as much as I thought it was.

Working out at work

I work in a hospital as a radiology tech, which means I’m on my feet all day. I chose this field on purpose, I didn’t want to spend my days sitting at a desk. Fitness and health are very important to me. Once I became aware of just how much I was (and was not) moving, it turned into somewhat of a personal challenge. Wow, its only noon and I’ve already walked three miles! I bet I can make it to five before I clock out at the end of the day.

I started finding ways to move more on my days off, too. All those little things we’ve heard before but pushed aside because it wasn’t convenient. Parking at the back of the lot, taking the stairs, taking the dog for an extra long walk. It’s not hard, but you do have to be mindful. It has to be a conscious decision.

I think everyone should count their steps every day. It is a great way to keep our movement and health at the forefront of our minds. After being such a nay-sayer, in the beginning, I’m even asking for an Apple watch for Christmas!

Get moving!!

The concept of convenience may be hindering our country’s health. How many times have you taken the elevator just to go up one floor? Americans have long been known for a more sedentary lifestyle compared to other countries. Maybe these new advancements in technology will begin to change that. After becoming aware of my own shortcomings, I now can appreciate those who have also become aware. If I hear someone say, “Ugh, I haven’t made my steps for today,” I will invite them for a stroll. We must make this change as a society, for our own health and that of future generations.