Marathon Training For Short Races At Age 40 – Part 2

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So, you have completed marathon training for short races. When you first start out, it is best to start with an easy race. With this in mind, let's begin. Marathon Training for Short Races If you are planning to run in a race, a short race would be the best option. With shorter distance races, there will be less chance of injury or exhaustion. In the same way, it is important to add a minute to your run each day. As you increase your time and speed, you will be better prepared. By working your way gradually into running faster, [...]

Marathon Training After Age 40 – Part 1

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So you have hit 40 and are ready to start marathon training. Even if you haven't run since you were a kid, you can start training. But, remember it isn't easy. Of course, your body isn't the same as when you were a teenager. Although you're ready to be in better shape, training is going to require time and patience. Let's begin! Marathon Training If you want to try and compete in a race, take baby steps. First, take a brisk walk. And, then work your way into a series of exercise and short runs. In the same way, it [...]

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