How Does Fatigue Affect Your Kicking Performance?

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Fatigue can be considered as a contributing factor for reduced coordination and response time in soccer athletes (8, 11, 13). Generally, the negative effects of fatigue are shown in athlete's decline in muscle strength ability and shifts in coordination (8, 9, 14). These negative changes can impact an athlete's kicking performance (5) and can be costly to both the individual and their team. Several studies have suggested fatigue negatively impacts kicking ball velocity (3, 4, 8, 15). However, other studies have shown conflicting results. A 2009 study found after a simulated match play intervention, athletes showed no changes in kicking [...]

Full-Time And Part-Time Dancers: How They are at Risk for Injury

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Dancers have a very unique career, in that their body significantly directs their career path. Professional dancers place a significant amount of physical and mental stress on their body due to the demands of their career. With classes, rehearsal, performances, tours and competitions, it is no surprise there is a high prevalence of injury among the dance community (5, 20). In fact, the incorporation of strong artistic (5), aesthetic (4) and perfectionistic (13, 14) components contribute to a unique distribution and risk of injury in dancers (20). However, while risk assessment of full-time professional dancers has been well evaluated, part-time [...]

Youth Athletes: Is Their Fatigue Risking an ACL Injury?

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Whether our youth athletes compete for fun or intend on becoming professionals, we enjoy having them participate in sport activities. Their enjoyment, as well as their safety, are our highest priorities. That being said, there are thousands of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries every year and most of them are for high school athletes (5). How can this be? A 2005 study (6) found an increased risk for ACL injuries correlated with increased knee valgus. Dynamic knee valgus is when the knee "caves in" due to hip adduction and hip internal rotation. Studies have also related increased risk of dynamic [...]

Focus on Fatigue: Part 3 – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a major health problem. Not only in the United States but in many other countries as well. CFS is characterized by a severe persistent fatigue that does not respond to rest and is exacerbated by moderate exertion. There are no infectious or chemical agents consistently associated with it and no indication of it being hereditary. CFS is only considered after all other causes of fatigue have been ruled out. There currently exists no medical test capable of diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome. Because of this, some physicians have even been skeptical that it is a “real” disease.  [...]

Focus on Fatigue: Part 2 – Persistent fatigue

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Fatigue associated with mental or physical exertion is usually of short duration. However, there are many medical conditions in which persistent fatigue is a symptom.   Fatigue can result from result of poor diet, viral or bacterial infections, lack of exercise and other factors. But in these cases, medical intervention or a change in lifestyle can make all the difference. (see our previous post to learn about the causes of fatigue). Persistent Fatigue Chronic or persistent fatigue is present in a variety of different conditions. At times that fatigue is mild, but it is often severe enough to be debilitating.  Unfortunately, [...]

Focus on Fatigue : Part 1 – Characteristics and Causes

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What is fatigue? Fatigue is a highly complex condition. It can occur or intensify due to increased physical activity, long periods of elevated mental performance, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, disease, or other factors. Most people think of "fatigue" as a feeling of physical or mental tiredness or a general lack of vitality. This feeling can be mild or it can be extreme enough to qualify as exhaustion.  In the case of physical or mental exertion, fatigue is usually of short duration and goes away with adequate rest. However, it is sometimes severe and persistent enough to negatively impact everyday [...]

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