January is National Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month. The Winter season has arrived. Of course, it is important to take precaution when you’re participating in any type of Winter sport; such as skiing, skating and sledding.

Importance of Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month

In the first place, the importance of this month is to understand traumatic brain injuries (TBI). In fact, every year there are millions of injuries and trauma to the head.

First and foremost, the Johnny O Foundation began three years ago to bring awareness and research to TBI and Cognitive Impairment. In essence, the Johnny O Foundation hopes to raise awareness for all individuals and athletes about the risks associated with any Winter sport.

Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month Tips

When you’re active in any sporting activity in the Winter months; you should take the following precautions.

  • Wear appropriate head gear; such as helmets.
  • Wear safety equipment that is well maintained.
  • When playing in any type of winter sport or contact sport; it is important to have rules in place. No doubt, this should stipulate no direct hit to the head area.
  • In addition, it is important to have safety rules and regulations.
  • Moreover, it is imperative that all individuals abide by all rules during any sport or activity.
  • Take lessons in any sport you’re participating in. Of course, lessons will have you more aware.
  • Finally if you fall, learn to fall safely.

Concussions in Winter Sports

Every year, there are more injuries in sports. Although it may be just a tap on your head or helmet; concussions are front and center in the world of sports. Every year there are traumatic brain injuries to professional sports athletes.

If you hit your head; make sure you check it out. Now, there is more awareness in regards to head injuries. It is imperative that anyone playing football or hockey protect themselves. When you have a concussion; treat it seriously. Make sure you get the rest you need to recover. Visit our Stress, Strain and the MLB Disabled List post to read more on concussions.

Winter Sports Injury

As with any sport; there is always a concern for injuries. When an injury does occur; it is important to remove the individual from the sport immediately. Also, it is important to get immediate assistance from a medical professional.

In summary, it is important to keep any individual from continuing in any sport; until they receive a medical clearance from a health care professional. No doubt, you should use your head wisely and keep it safe from any potential injury.

National Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month is a reminder to take precaution and keep safety in mind. Of course, the same rules and safety tips should be kept in mind for any sport.

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