Since everyone is either sitting in one place all day, standing, running or biking, let’s stretch our hamstring muscles. Whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or in a vehicle, your hamstrings can tighten.

Muscle Stretching Hamstring Exercises

So today, let’s stretch for more flexibility in our hamstrings and calf muscles. Because hamstrings can limit the things you do, it is important to improve your flexibility.

In the first place, try a simple stretch. Rock, back and forth a few times. As you stretch for a few minutes, you will feel looser. When you stretch, try and bend your knees. By bending your knees, you’re taking the pressure off of your calf and hamstring muscles.

As you get more flexible, lengthen your legs so they’re straight.

Simple Hamstring Exercises

Muscle Stretching Hamstring Exercises

Let’s get started in doing a few simple exercises. As seen above, you can put one foot on a higher surface and put your hands on your knee. At the same time, make sure you create enough space between yourself and the higher surface. By doing this, you’re giving yourself a better stretch. Indeed, you will feel better.

When you’re stretching, it is important to hold the position for 15 to 30 seconds. As you’re building up longer periods of time, your body is responding better.

Improve your Flexibility

Of course, we all want to feel more flexible. A few things to try to improve flexibility are:

  • Balls – By using an exercise ball, you can develop more muscle tone in the abdominal, back and hip muscles.
  • Foam Rollers – When you use a foam roller, it helps relieve muscle tension.
  • Relax Stretching – By doing relax stretching, you’re lowering stress and increasing your body’s flexibility.

Whenever you do any type of class, exercise or run, it is important to stretch before and after. As your body becomes more flexible, it will reduce pain and tightness.

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