Since each baseball team has an Analytics Team, we’re seeing Baseball Statcast as a tool. When MLB introduced the Statcast in 2015 as a state of the art technology, teams, scouts and players have paid attention.

Baseball Statcast

In the first place, a Statcast provides accurate information about a team’s player, speed, movement and ability. As the players use this tool, they are using the data to make the mechanics of hitting better. Because the home run has been on the rise, are the changes brought by Statcast impacting how players swing the bat. Visit my MLB Home runs continue to increase post to read more.

Players and Statcast Data

When players report to Spring Training, the teams use Statcast data to measure their performance. In addition, many teams have been able to use the data to correct problems in their batting stance, arm position, and speed.

As home runs continue to increase, we have seen an increase in the number of players who strike out. Although baseballs are flying over the fence, strikeouts are increasing. Players are switching up their approach at the plate.

Statcast Player Improvement

In the same way, as the players pay attention, they are able to improve their performance. What is causing a power surge in home runs? Is the Statcast responsible for the players changing their arm position? Now, many players are changing their stance while in the batter’s box.

As MLB players continue to improve on their batting average, hits and home runs, we have to credit the Statcast.

Statcast Pitchers Performance

Although we’re seeing more home runs, we’re also seeing more strikeouts. Indeed, the Statcast is helping pitchers. We are seeing an increase in velocity of the speed of Pitchers.

Also, the number of rotations a Pitcher can make in a minute is something else that is being looked at. The number of spin rates a pitch makes is contributing to the Pitchers success rate. As Pitchers use the Statcast data, they are able to create new angles and depth.


As home runs continue to surge, we can expect to see changes in pitching. In conclusion, what changes do you expect to see as Statcast continues to be studied by all MLB teams?

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