Sports Development in our Lives as a Kid

As children, we were introduced to sports early in our lives. From the time we could walk, we were running, playing tag, hopscotch, kickball, and other sports games.

At the same time, physical education in our school curriculum was introduced to us at an early age. I can remember attending physical education classes as a kid. Of course, we were divided up into teams for many of the sports games. This allowed for the development of good sportsmanship and the importance of learning how to win or lose gracefully. While many of us are competitive, it is important to respect our fellow teammates.

As a kid develops in personality, they use these skills to interact with others. While not everyone is smart in academics, it is important that every child develops a strong and healthy body. Moreover, participating in physical education and sports competitions fosters qualities such as leadership and self-esteem.

Sports as an Adult

Because physical education played an important part of our lives as kids, we have seen the impact as adults.

Whether you become a professional athlete or used the skills learned as a kid, you have become more proficient in your everyday life.

If you participated in any type of sport as a kid, you learned discipline and the importance of being on time. As an adult, you’re able to use these skills to be punctual for business and social situations.


In the same way, we cannot forget the importance of our body and health. You don’t have to be an athlete to remain fit and healthy. When you’re active in your everyday life, your body will respond better. If you weren’t active as a child, chances are you have more physical ailments as an adult.

Even if you weren’t physically active as a kid, there are many adult physical activities you can participate in. You can start by participating in a local fitness class. Another option is to walk on the beach or park. In addition, hiking, cycling, dancing, and swimming are other options.

In addition to exercising regularly, you will have healthier body functions such as a heart and lungs. Also, physically fit individuals have lower rates of diabetes and high blood pressure.


To sum up, the healthier you are, the longer you will live. In reality, many long term relationships develop from a physical activity or sport. Also, physical activities are a great stress reliever.

Although playing sports may have changed as we have become adults, it is important to find an activity or exercise that we can enjoy and have fun.