Hurricane Harvey is wreaking havoc in Houston, Texas. Houston has had over 24 inches of rain over a 24 hour period. This is impacting residents, health and the economy in Houston.

Hurricane Harvey Destruction

In the first place, many homes have been destroyed. Of course, many vehicles have been destroyed. But, this is just the beginning. Since we’re just starting to hear about the losses, it will take some time to accrue the total damage.

Where will many people live? After Hurricane Katrina, we saw thousands of people relocating. After Katrina, many citizens had no where to go. Similarly, Houston and New Orleans have a common denominator. Since, many poor people have had no where to go, many individuals are more vulnerable after the storm.

Because many individuals are being displaced, it will have an impact on many communities in the future.

Hurricane Harvey Health Issues

With the world focusing on Houston right now; everyone will be focusing on the rebuilding. But, what about the physical and mental health of those impacted by this storm?

Any individual who has a health issue, such as a cardiovascular or a respiratory condition is prone to health problems. One of the biggest problems is the lack of medical supplies, medications, and hospitals not able to obtain medical records.

If you have a kidney issue and need dialysis several times a week; you could be impacted if you miss a treatment. Indeed, long after the cleanup, many individuals will suffer long term physical and mental health challenges. Moreover, symptoms from this storm can continue to have a negative impact on Women’s Health.

If a Woman is pregnant, she may experience complications during birth.

Hurricane Harvey Mold Health Complications

One of the biggest challenges will be the exposure to mold. Any one who has exposure to mold can experience respiratory, allergies, or inflammatory conditions.

Hurricane Harvey Devastating Health Issues

Furthermore, damp areas may create further health issues. For anyone living in a low income area; a threat to mold exposure is more problematic. In summary, it is important to wear protection before entering into an area where there has been destruction.

Hurricane Harvey Devastating Health Issues

Of course, mold can also affect the nervous system.


So, time will tell what the overall impact will have on many lives. Although many people will be able to escape, some may not be able to.

In conclusion, Houston will be grappling with health and environmental issues for a long time to come.

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