Healthy Summer Skin Care Recommendations

In the light of hot and humid weather conditions, it is important to maintain healthy summer skin care. So, we all want to look younger, it is important to drink a lot of water and eat healthy.

Healthy Summer Skin Care

In the first place, what we eat and drink impacts our skin. By eating healthier, our skin will look much more vibrant. Of course, the healthier food we eat in our diet, the better our skin will look.

At the same time, it is important to eat foods with Omega. By eating more food with Omega, you’re helping to keep your skin firm. In addition, eating lean protein such as fish and chicken should be 25% – 30% of your diet. Also, it is important to eat foods with Vitamins A and C. This helps to reduce inflammation in your skin.

Moreover, it is important to stay away from processed food and food with too much sugar.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Because we wear less clothes in the summertime and show more skin, it is important to keep our skin protected. With this in mind, make sure you exfoliate regularly. By doing this, you’re removing any dead skin. After you exfoliate, make sure you use lotion to take away any inflammation and keep your skin moisturized.

One of the most important tips for leaving your home is to apply an SPF 30 or more. My best tip for not forgetting to do this is to keep your sunscreen near your toothbrush. Of course, you won’t forget to brush your teeth. Now, you will be in the habit of applying sunscreen daily.

In the same way, when you apply your sunscreen, make sure you reapply every few hours. Don’t be stingy with how much you apply. The more, the better. Apply lotion behind your ears, your neck and make sure you get your entire backside.

Hence, it is important to apply sunscreen even on cloudy days. The rays from the sun are very strong and it is important to keep your skin protected from burning as well as preventing skin cancer. I recommend an SPF of at least a 30 and make sure it is UVA/UVB.

No doubt, water is the key to keeping you hydrated throughout the day. Make sure you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. I always recommend having a small ice pack when you go outside. You can never drink too much water.

In addition to using sunscreen, make sure you apply lip gloss to keep your lips from cracking. Also, there are many SPF 15 or more available in chap stick or lip gloss.

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