Since the holidays are a busy time for most people; today’s post is holiday fitness tips to keep you on the right foot. Although this is a big month of parties and get together’s, it is important to stay focused on our health.

Holiday Celebration

So, you have a busy month of parties to hit and dinner and drinks planned with friends. First and foremost, you don’t have to deprive yourself of food and cocktails this month. Indeed, the holidays are a time to enjoy yourself.

When someone offers you something you know is bad for you, say “No”. You don’t have to sample everything someone wants you to try. If you’re someone who bakes or loves sweets, try some healthy dessert recipes.

Holiday Fitness

Although your exercise may take a back seat this time of year; it doesn’t have to. When your time is short, try incorporating different type of exercises into your schedule. Since we all know how important walking is for our health, park further away from a shopping center. By walking from store to store, you’re certainly staying active. Visit our Benefits of Cardio Exercise Fitness Plan post for the benefits to your health.

Holiday Fitness Maintenance

In the same fashion, it is important to maintain some type of holiday fitness schedule. No matter how hectic things are, try to fit in some type of class, activity or going to the gym at least three times a week. If you’re short for time, hop on a treadmill.

Another great way to stay fit during the holiday is to spend a lot of time on the dance floor. At the same time, dancing is a great cardio exercise and also is a lot of fun.

Although your workout may be shorter, they can still be beneficial. No doubt, the body needs some time to recharge, so taking a little less time may help you when you return at the start of the New Year for longer periods of time.

No matter what you do, try to schedule a little time for some exercise during the holiday season.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Happy Holidays!