Overuse Injuries in Youth Athletics

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Overuse injuries are becoming increasingly common in youth athletics. Participation in organized sports provides many physical and social benefits. However, poor training and overuse can result in serious and lasting damage.  Athletic injuries range from simple abrasions and contusions to serious head and back injuries. Most often such injuries involve damage to the muscles and joints of the arms and legs. Thrower's Elbow Thrower's elbow is damage to the elbow due to overuse. It occurs when forceful overhand/overhead throwing motions are routine. This condition is most frequently seen in baseball, specifically in pitchers. It also occurs in other sports such as [...]

National Football League Preview: It’s All About Health

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Mercifully, the National Football League season is almost upon us. Real games are only 11 days away. As the great blogger PFT Commenter asks, how are you preparing for the NFL season? I have written before about injuries in the NBA. Today, let's turn our focus to the National Football League. Michael Lombardi, the former General Manager of the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns and an assistant to Bill Belichick in New England, tweeted an eloquent yet simple message today. Lombardi wrote: To get good at football, you've got to practice football; unfortunately, there's seemingly no way to play football [...]

Overtraining – Never Worth the Risk

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What is overtraining? How does it happen? Most of us worry that we don't spend enough time in the gym. While others may want to consider if they are spending TOO MUCH time there. Did you know there is such a thing as overtraining? It is present in almost every sport. If you spend more time on the treadmill than you spend in your bed, you just might be overtraining! Not to worry, we've got you covered. Below you will learn about overtraining, if you are at risk, and what to do about it. Overtraining is when you are working [...]

Major League Baseball Statcast 2017

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Since each baseball team has an Analytics Team, we’re seeing Baseball Statcast as a tool. When MLB introduced the Statcast in 2015 as a state of the art technology, teams, scouts and players have paid attention. Baseball Statcast In the first place, a Statcast provides accurate information about a team's player, speed, movement and ability. As the players use this tool, they are using the data to make the mechanics of hitting better. Because the home run has been on the rise, are the changes brought by Statcast impacting how players swing the bat. Visit my MLB Home runs continue [...]

Does the NBA Need to Reduce Its Schedule to Limit Injuries?

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Last season, the Golden State Warriors rested star players Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. And they did so in a prime-time game against the San Antonio Spurs. As a result, the NBA decided that it had to do something about the rise of rest. Going forward, the NBA is encouraging teams to avoid resting players on the road and resting multiple players on the same night. The Warriors did not have a choice that night of whether or not to play Kevin Durant. He sat out with an injury suffered during the second game of a road back-to-back. [...]

Healthy Pitchers Lead to Winning Teams

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There is nothing more important than the health of a team. In Major League Baseball, it is extremely challenging to build depth. This is especially true with slotted spending in the draft and in Latin America. Thus, it is hard to find anything more than a replacement-level player or worse to fill in for an injured player, the 2016 Los Angeles Dodgers notwithstanding. Tommy John Last year, according to Jeff Zimmerman of The Hardball Times more days were lost to the Disabled List (DL) than at any other time since he began collecting data in 2002. Last year, pitchers lost [...]